Find your lost or stolen camera with a free Web app

first_imgFew things can cause a true geek quite as much distress as the loss of a beloved gadget. Fortunately, developers have come up with some pretty slick ways for us to keep tabs on our favorite electronics. From Lojack for laptops to the Prey Project to BlackBerry Protect, there’s plenty of great software which can help you locate and recover a lost — or stolen — gadget.But Stolen Camera Finder (SCF) is a whole lot different. You can’t load an anti-theft onto your digital camera, after all, but crafty Web developer Matt Burns found a very cool solution. Using the EXIF data embedded in your photos, SCF scours the Web for serial number matches. All you’ve got to do to get the ball rolling is to drag a photo you took with your missing camera onto the dropzone and SCF does the rest.If you don’t have a digital photo taken using your camera handy, you can also use the manual search option to input its serial number. It’s a handy backup option in case the unimaginable happened and, say, you had an entire gadget bag stolen and lost a laptop or external hard drive as well. Since SCF uses EXIF data to power its searches, it may work for a lost smartphone as well — as long as yours embeds the serial number in the pictures it takes.Drag and drop functionality is currently only supported in Google Chrome and Firefox: if you use another browser, you’ll have to use the manual search instead. There’s a downside, of course. Crafty criminals may scrub the data SCF needs in order to locate pictures taken with your camera — but it’s still worth a shot if your favorite camera is M.I.A.last_img read more