Apple needs to release a good computer if it wants Oculus Rift

first_imgThe title of this article is not the opinion of the author, it’s a summary of why there’s no Oculus Rift support for Macs as explained by Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey.During an Xbox press event he was interviewed on camera by ShackNews, which you can watch in full below. One of the questions asked was whether there would eve be Mac support for the Rift, which would surely be beneficial to Oculus’ sales. But Luckey was very clear: a lack of Mac support is due to Apple, not Oculus.Luckey explains that there is no Mac hardware on the market today that’s good enough to support the Rift. No model or configuration meets the basic hardware requirements of the Rift, and that includes the top-of-the-line $6,000 Mac Pro. In order for Mac support to be viable, Apple would need to start using high-end GPUs.Luckey’s comments put into perspective Apple’s priority when it comes to hardware development. They want products that look beautiful and perform well for every day tasks and a common set of software the majority of consumers use. High-end performance, and in particular graphics, is not a priority. If it was, those Mac price tags would be even higher (or Apple’s profit margins lower) and battery use figures would suffer.It seems unlikely Apple will respond to Luckey’s comments by making a hardware change. It’s actually more likely we’ll see Apple develop its own virtual reality headset it can control completely and in the process prove Luckey wrong. You could also argue it’s way too early for Apple to even consider VR as a product ready for consumers and therefore worth investing in.last_img read more