Presence/Absence : A Strength

first_imgHeya!!It’s a very normal thing seen nowadays….. A person talks to a stranger in a very sweet manner, in a cheesy language, in an understanding way but when with the time we come close to that particular person….. When with the time we start sharing something….. The way of talking will start on changing… The moment we start taking the person as our priority, the person will change & make us realize that we have made a mistake & eventually all the things will start hurting….. The way of talking will turn from sweet to hurtful, from cheesy to scold, from understanding to misunderstanding….. It’s all about today’s generation who all thinks about their feelings only….. What the other person is feeling or going through, They can’t think of that…… I’ll just say even if the person has become your priority don’t let them know that they are that damn important to you that their absence will affect you very harshly……Instead, prepare yourself in silence so strong that even the person who’s your priority leaves you for any reason or not… You can stay strong & live happily….. We should never allow anyone to be so damn important that without them we couldn’t live….. We came to this world alone & we have to go alone… So why can’t we live like that only….. Presence matters & Absence affects…It’s so obvious but Let us be like their absence could be a positive influencer, a motivational factor, a strength to us.last_img read more