Ministers still believe people are gullible

first_imgDear Editor,As I watch the news and read the daily newspapers, I can’t help but smile and curse at the same time when I see the coalition Government Ministers going all over the country to meet, greet and share out goodies to the ordinary people in their villages while making more promises that if the people re-elect them in the upcoming elections they will enjoy more good life.Editor, it makes me very angry to see that these Ministers still believe that the people are gullible and will forget all the promises that were made to them in 2015. Well, I have some news for these Ministers, don’t insult the intelligence of the Guyanese people, they are smarter than all of you and I guarantee, you are in for a rude awakening in the upcoming elections.Editor, I would like to focus this missive on the AFC Ministers because it is the votes that they garner that caused the coalition to win the elections and as everyone knows, most of those votes were from disgruntled PPP supporters. Leader of the AFC, Raphael Trotman in the Sunday Stabroek News of February 3, 2019, whilst addressing the National Executive Council of the party, acknowledged that the party did make some missteps in Government and the leaders forgot the masses and he knows they are hurt but promised that they will work fervently to make things right.Editor, for the enlightenment of Trotman, Nagamootoo, Ramjattan, Patterson and all the leaders of the AFC, let me share a classic example of their betrayal of the people.Before the 2015 elections, all of them were readily available and accessible. You could talk, call or text them anytime and you would get a reply. Lo and behold, after the elections, they were all missing in action. It was as if they did not exist anymore. On the rare occasions that they came to Berbice and held call-in programmes on local television stations, I tried to implore, nay beg, Ramjattan and Patterson to do something about my street which is in a deplorable state, but it was like throwing water on a duck’s back.They just brushed you off with all kinds of excuse and went along their merry way. During those times, they didn’t care a hang about the people but now they are running back to the people, begging them for their votes. Well, I want to tell them, “boat done gone a fall” and in the meantime, we the residents are repairing our street with our own money. You will hear from us in the upcoming elections.Yours faithfully,Imtiaz Baccuslast_img read more