Diaspora disappointed with APNU/AFC governance

first_img— presents “resolution” to President GrangerAn overseas group of Guyanese in Brooklyn and Queens, New York, USA, have formulated a list of things they hope the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Administration can do to somewhat salvage what could soon be a broken relationship with Guyanese in the Diaspora.The group headed by Dr Asquith Rose, met in Queens, New York, back in September to formulate this resolution addressed to President Granger, and which was subsequently adopted at a meeting held by the group in Brooklyn on October 8.According to the letter written to the President – which was seen by Guyana Times – the resolution is in response to the manner in which Guyanese in the New York Diaspora felt “they are being treated by you and the Government of Guyana which they help to elect to office on May 11, 2015.They also felt that the promises made by you to establish a Department in the Diaspora, among others has not been fulfilled and that since the election, you have not even attempted to meet with them despite your several visits to New York.” The letter stated that the President met with an elected few upper middle class Guyanese who were nowhere around during the elections to raise funds to help the APNU/AFC get elected.While the members of the groups bear no malice against you or anyone else, they felt disrespected and disappointed by your actions. Many have opted to no longer align or associate with the coalition,” Rose penned in a letter on behalf of the group. The letter said that members of the Diaspora have on several occasions raised funds to help elect the Government to office, and that the President had deemed the Diaspora the 11th Region of Guyana, “but he has not fulfilled his promise to appoint a Member of Parliament from the Diaspora or establish a Department in the Diaspora in order to engage its members in the decision-making process. He has not appointed anyone from the Diaspora to positions in Guyana or as diplomat or consultant.”It said, “The President visited New York on several occasions, but has not held a Town Hall style meeting or has not met with the grassroots Guyanese who are supporters of the Government.”According to Dr Rose, the President instead on his most recent visit to New York in September 2016, met with an elite group of Guyanese who have done very little in mobilising support for the Government before and after the 2015 General Elections.The overseas-based group said it is critically important for the President to understand that his actions could have consequences for his Government, and that it was therefore, important upon him and members of Cabinet to establish communication with the grassroots groups in the Diaspora and not a handful of elite Guyanese or close friends.“The President should make himself available to address the Afro-and Indo-Guyanese groups in the Diaspora that have helped to elect him to office,” the group said.The groups, according to Dr Rose, are still waiting and arecalling for the promised “Diaspora Department” to address the concerns and needs of its members, and to facilitate and validate their contributions to the country’s development; to recognise members of the Diaspora as Guyanese who are interested in the development of Guyana and not as foreigners or obstructionists to the development of the country.last_img read more