“Christians No Different from Unbelievers”

first_imgThe founder of Grassroots Ministry, Rev. James F. Ngenda, has termed Liberian Christians as people who have failed to maintain their ethical values and integrity and therefore called on them to redirect their messages to focus on things of ethical values to members of their congregations.He made the observation when he served as the keynote speaker at the 9th commencement program of Jakes Memorial Bible College in Monrovia.Rev. Ngenda noted that Christians have become the best liars, discriminators, gossipers, selfish people, dealing with things of the dark with which unbelievers should be associated.He cautioned Christians to distance themselves from those vices instituted by the darkness of the world and rather make disciples for Christ. Rev. Ngenda reminded Christians about the metaphoric expression Jesus used to describe Christians. He said “The Bible describes Christians as the salt of the earth, but if the salt loses its savor, it should be thrown under the feet.”He said Liberian Christians by their deeds have demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubt that they cannot be differentiated from unbelievers because Christians are involved in things that are condemned by the Bible.“Even for pastors who claim position, people are skeptical about them to testify to others about their individual attitudes because most of their doings are questionable,” he charged.“Christians will give the impression that they are assembling to fast and pray, but as they get together, gossiping will overshadow the prayer, speaking against others they feel cannot be matched with them,” Rev. Ngenda noted.He observed that most Liberian Christians have developed a system of lies on the telephone, misdirecting people in conversations when they are really not doing or not in the location they claimed to be at a particular time.“They will say I am right here and not far from you. Or you will come across a christian that will credit from others to pay at a promised time, but when they have gotten the money, they will program their phones in the way that the call will be diverted,” he added.He noted that a majority of Christians in Liberia are not transformed and as a result true transformation cannot easily come to the country.Rev. Ngenda said, “At 168 years of existence, no good information can be reflected about Christians in Liberia, but people live the same way as unbelievers.His comments come amid calls by Christians to make Liberia a “Christian state” by Constitution through a national referendum expected to be held next year.President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Governance Commission Chairman Dr. Amos C. Sawyer have already registered their objection to the call to make Liberia a “Christian state.”The President and Dr. Sawyer said the call for Liberia to become a Christian State will undermine other religions and will promote conflict among Liberians.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more