Ferry Corsten Punks Out Pacha

first_imgFerry Corsten is pretty much trance music royalty at this point – he’s been topping charts for over a decade while filling up huge venues and festivals all across the world. He’s one of the most accomplished and respected DJs around, and it seems like every time he swings by Pacha, he puts on a great set. This time was no different, as a packed crowd was treated to over four hours of trance heaven. Ferry mixed it up throughout the night, playing newer tracks and classics, though never changing the tempo and the crowds reaction. From the moment he stepped into the booth, he had the crowd at his fingertips , fans pushing up as far as they could just to dance a little bit closer to the superstar.As the clock pushed slightly past 1:00 am, the crowd began to get anxious, chanting ‘Ferry, Ferry’ until the man  himself came out to thunderous applause. The energy never slowed down from the set’s first notes, with fast and heavy beats pumping behind extremely catchy synths. Ferry’s synths are the kind of catchy that when they get stuck in your head, you don’t even mind. Songs like ‘Punk’ have stuck in the heads of trance fans since it’s release, yet they can’t resist chanting the song’s hook back at Ferry when he plays it. On the same level, Ferry to be enjoying dropping the same hook over and over again, and he looks like he’s having as much fun as ever. There really aren’t many other dance music artists who have had the longevity that Ferry has had at such a high level.Some set highlights  include Ferry’s recent Snow Patrol remix, ‘New York’, which garnered a great response from the crowd,  ‘Live Forever’, which is off of Ferry’s latest album, WKND, and the Markus Schulz collaboration ‘Loops and Things’. Corsten Schulz are a fantastic duo, they recently through an epic seven hour set in Washington DC, and releasing both the aforementioned ‘Loops and Things’ and ‘Stella’ to rave reviews. If these tracks and that show are a sign of the future, we can only hope that these two start spending some more time together. But I digress, there were really too many highlights over four hours to mention, but it was that standard high level of dance music you would expect from Ferry. Always changing, always consistent, and always energetic.It seemed like the crowd would have stayed for another four hours, but Ferry eventually took off and the crowd diluted. It seems like Ferry is at a level where he’s going to come out and impress you every time. Even if you remember how great he really is , he’s still bound to do something new that will live you smiling. Also, Pacha is truly a great venue for trance music, so it’s great to see such great talent getting booked here. The crowds seem to react positively, it feels less rowdy, everyone just feels the music and dances until it stops. Hopefully more of the genre’s store will grace it’s booth – it seems Ferry enjoys it as he keeps coming back. So with the combination of talent and environment, there was really no where to go wrong.last_img read more

CMJ Music Marathon Initial Lineup Released

first_imgThe 5 day CMJ Music Marathon hosts several greats and amateurs in the music industry, and it also hosts one of the largest music “festivals” per se promoting several different shows throughout New York City. The initial lineup showcases local bands and DJs in NYC, most up and coming.The CMJ Music Marathon is a part of the CMJ Music Conference which brings in panels of everyone from music writers to musicians themselves to talk about the innovations of the music industry as well as issues within the industry that need to be addressed.Below is the gargantuan (initial) lineup:The Dismemberment PlanSavagesThe NeighbourhoodMenomenaHelio SequenceLee Fields And The ExpressionsThe Long WintersNick WaterhouseWoodkidASTRBetty WhoDIANAEmpress OfFuck ButtonsGlasserGodfleshHAERTSHalf Moon RunHuntersJMSNKevin DrewLovelifeObitsQuadronSaul WilliamsSpeedy OrtizThe GriswoldsBad SunsBall Park MusicBlack City LightsBear MountainBig Black DeltaBlack Light Dinner PartyBLK KathyBored NothingCalvin LoveCardiknoxCaught A GhostChrome SparksCity RiotsCloak OxContinuumCourtney BarnettDan CrollDeep CottonDeep Dark WoodsDiane BirchDorine LevyDune RatsDuologueDustedEjectaEleanor FriedbergerElectric Wire HustleElizabeth RoseElle KingElliot and The GhostEmperorsEnola FallEx-CultFirehorseFrontier RuckusGEMSGeoffrey O’ConnorGhost WaveGinger And The GhostGosslingGrizfolkGus + ScoutHopspinIn The Valley BelowINVSNJacco GardnerJBMJessy LanzaJettaJohn MurryJulia EasterlinJuly TalkJunior PromKid KarateKill It KidKing DudeLandshapesLarry GusLawrence RothmanLe TroubleLee BannonLittle DaylightLindi OrtegaMagic ManMarc KinchenMarijuana DeathsquadsMisunMoonstoneNicole Mercedes and the AffairNight DriveNONONONorth HighlandsOh MercyOkta LogueOptic Yellow FeltOrgoneP.O.S.Panama WeddingPeachpitPelicanPeople Get ReadyPictureplanePonyboyPool CosbyRATKINGREPTILESReuben and the DarkRoyal BangsSaint RichSheppardShigetoSir SlySlim TwigSquadStill CornersStory of the Running WolfStrange TalkStreets of LaredoTEENThe ApronsThe DeltaRiggsThe History of Apple PieThe NovocainesThe PreaturesThem SwoopsTiny RuinsTouch SensitiveTremor LowTV GhostU.S. GirlsVadoinmessicoWETWill StrattonWilsenWorld’s End PressYamantaka // Sonic Titanlast_img read more

ThisSongIsSick.Com SoundCloud Channel Suspended

first_imgThe SoundCloud channel belonging to ThisSongIsSick.com has been shut down due to outstanding copyright claims. A statement from the site blamed the SoundCloud staff for not divulging these copyright claims, and ThisSongIsSick.com is working with artists to quickly restore the popular SoundCloud channel.For sevreral years, ThisSongIsSick.com operated a highly successful SoundCloud feed, with an average of 2 million listens per day. The blog shared new and popular music from electronic and hip hop artists, preferring the simple style of the SoundCloud player to the more bulky YouTube player.However, SoundCloud is changing their system, and is forcing music sharing sources like ThisSongIsSick to resolve any takedown orders. The blog was able to address most of the outstanding orders, but their efforts were not strong enough, and the blog’s SoundCloud channel was indeed suspended.The suspension should be temporary, as ThisSongIsSick is verifying their working relationship with numerous artists and labels. In the meantime, the blog points to their YouTube channel, where they will still be able to share music.As for the SoundCloud update, it seems that the music hosting website is taking strides to abide by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). How will this affect artists? Only time will tell.The website’s full statement can be read here.last_img read more

Umphrey’s McGee’s Hall of Fame Class of 2013 [Stream/Review]

first_imgDear Umphrey’s McGee Fans,You all have great taste in music (but you already knew that). I had the recent privilege of checking out their 2013 Hall of Fame album, and I have two words for ya: holy shit. This is the kind of material that transforms a casual listener into a fan. It’s as if UM wrapped up 10 genres and made it work so tight. It’s just, Umph.Not only that, but what a great idea to have fans vote for their favorite live tracks of the year. Good music made by good people, chosen by good fans. This link on their website really explains their creative process and protools template, for an in depth look at this annual tradition.Here are three tracks you need to be listening to right now:Dump City: With a snare drum roll and anticipated fill we are off to the races grooving. This song starts with twangy stanky guitar riffage, punchy organ, slap bass, and pocket drumming and morphs to metal fusion faster than you can say, “This band is fuckin’ sick, dude!” by the time the sub bass midi drums come in at 5:08 we are thoroughly gliding through the atmosphere on parallel major chords on synth, midi percussion drums, wah guitar wackiness, and all balanced with the bass Bumping in E minor.They take it up, they take it down, and then they bring it all around by 14:57 with what sounds of something out of 90s metal (in the best possible way). One track in the musical ears are worked and weathered, waiting patiently for the next track to kill it.Wappy Sprayberry: So it starts with tasty, classy bass chords and at 0:24 sexifies expressively. If you’re a sucker for 16th note high hats, a wee bit of double bass, chorus pedals, and a disco dipped jam then you’re in for a treat. The next two minutes sounds like a mix of that with the Dynasty warriors video game soundtrack as a cherry on top.At 4:00 though, they go there. Bitcrushed bass with delay pedaled guitar washes over every wave like ocean waves.  This track was recorded at Riverside Theater in Milwaukee; and it sure flows. This is the kind of music, specifically, one could listen to on repeat for a month straight and still not get bored of, because they are trying to sing along with all the parts they are trying to hear. Or you sit back and vibe, for that same month long.  Anyone who says Umphrey’s McGee doesn’t groove/jam/get down; show him or her this one. This one right here.Blue Echo: Last song on the list, but not the least. That opening riff sounds something a Pharaoh would write… on acid. The guitar harmony in this is intense as they perfectly drop it into a quieter, more open space where the upright piano can drop fingers on keys like rain on concrete. Then boom! Back to Egyptian heavy rock prowess riffs, this time with a breakbeat behind it.Around 3:32 is where they make the Eminor to Cmajor chord progression belong to them alone. The buildup is loose, yet precise. Every measure grabs you and pulls you in deeper. That’s probably why their shows are so epic, by the time they bring back the good old fashioned hard rock (around 8:38 in this case), old fans and new are screaming in approval and applause.Umphrey’s McGee have done something really special here. They have taken the tracks that the fans loved most this year and made a proverbial “Hall of Fame” for them. Thanks for the sounds, Umphrey’s. Can’t wait for next year’s.Track ListingSet I: Dump City (10.16.13 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT) Kabump > (02.14.13 The Metropolitan Theatre, Morgantown, WV) The Triple Wide > (12.28.13 The Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO) Bad Friday (12.31.13 Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO) Features Mad Dog’s Filthy Little Secret Horns Conduit (08.17.13 FirstMerit Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island, Chicago, IL) Debra (05.25.13 Summer Camp Music Festival, Chillicothe, IL)Set II: Wappy Sprayberry > (11.01.13 Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, WI) Robot World> (06.08.13 Chautauqua Auditorium, Boulder, CO) Rebubula (05.24.13 Summer Camp Music Festival, Chillicothe, IL) Der Bluten Kat > Amble On > Der Bluten Kat (12.29.13 Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO) Features Joshua Redman on saxophone & Jaden Carlson on guitarEncore: Resolution > (08.23.13 Riverfront Park, Nashville, TN) Blue Echo (12.30.13 1 Up Colfax, Denver, CO)last_img read more

SXSW Faces Lawsuits After Fatal Car Crash

first_imgIn the wake of the tragedies that occurred at the annual South by Southwest music and interactive fest in Austin earlier this year, the victims and their families may begin to see some justice.In the wee hours of the morning on March 13, 2014, a highly intoxicated 21-year-old sped through a DUI checkpoint into oncoming traffic on a one-way street, ultimately crashing into a barricade and crowd of people outside a SXSW afterparty at The Mohawk. The terrible tragedy left four dead and nearly two dozen injured. Driver Rashad Owens has been charged with capital murder and remains in jail. Now, SXSW is seeing its first wave of victim lawsuits. One victim’s family claims that festival organizers skimped on traffic safeguards while packing thousands of people downtown.“A festival organizer or traffic design consultant of ordinary intelligence would have anticipated the danger,” the lawsuit says, according to ABC News.Meanwhile, lawyers for the festival released the following statement:“What happened on Red River was a terrible tragedy, caused by Rashad Owen’s utter disregard of human life. Our hearts continue to ache for those injured and the families of those who lost their lives. We look forward to his prosecution for his awful crimes.”last_img read more

Aphex Twin Releases Secret Song

first_imgFresh off his Grammy win for new album SYRO, Aphex Twin (aka Richard D. James) is already back in the studio and putting out tracks, but under his anonymous SoundCloud account. The blood-pumping, melodic tune is called “Lannerlog” and is available for stream/download here.last_img

Striking Photos Capture The Magic Of Jazz Fest Collaborations

first_imgLoad remaining images What happens after-hours during New Orleans Jazz Fest is truly on another level musically. At any given time around the city you can find some of your favorite musicians, collaborating with your other favorite musicians, collaborating with THEIR favorite musicians! Ah, the beauty of Jazz Fest.L4LM Exclusive: Kick Off Jazzfest With Funky George Porter Jr. Video InterviewPhotographer Sam Shinault captured some magic at this year’s Fiya Powa show at the Maison on Thursday, 4/30 (technically Friday AM). When George Porter Jr., Ivan Neville, Karl Denson, Stanton Moore, Tony Hall, Roosevelt Collier, Ian Neville, Jennifer Hartswick and Big Sam get together from approximately 2 AM till past sunrise, there’s no telling what will go down! (Full gallery at the bottom.)last_img read more

Listen To Soundcheck From The Grateful Dead’s First Reunion Show in Santa Clara

first_imgWhile Grateful Dead fans are gearing up for a massive five night reunion stint in Santa Clara and Chicago, the band is armed and ready, having soundchecked and rehearsed with production and all for two hours last night at Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium. Some dedicated fans sat outside to record the entire thing. Download it here: Part One, Part Two, Part Three.The Complete Guide To Grateful Dead Chicago Pre- And Post-PartiesSetlist: Althea, Brown Eyed Women, Truckin’, Uncle John’s Band, Alligator, Cumberland Blues, Born Cross-eyed, Cream Puff War (many times), St. Stephen > William Tell Bridge > The Eleven (many attempts at WT > The 11), Lovelight, Space, Drums[Via The Barn Presents]last_img

In Memoriam: The Music Of Those We Lost In 2015

first_imgAs we’ve been looking at some of the year’s high points, we must also remember those who took their final bow. Those who dedicate themselves to making music strive to connect with the world on a deeper level than mere words can say. We now would like to bow our heads and honor the passing of musicians who brought their gift of song to the world.What follows is a list of the more notable people to play their final note in 2015, as well as the most fitting way to pay tribute to their lives: their music.Percy Sledge (November 25, 1940 – April 14, 2015)Known for his powerful vocal style, Percy Sledge brought audiences to their knees with his incredible R&B music. Sledge found his way from humble beginnings in the South, as his booming voice landed him a role in recording studios. His first major hit, “When A Man Loves A Woman,” launched Sledge to the top of the charts.While Sledge would enjoy a number of hits throughout the years, let’s look back at the one that made Percy Sledge a legend. B.B. King (September 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015)An icon, blues legend and one of the most influential guitarists of modern times, Riley “B.B.” King lost a long battle with a variety of ailments after 89 years. Known as much for his ability to bend notes to the point of tears as he was for his husky voice that was somehow also honey smooth he played to kings and commoners around the world. Nearly every one of those performances featured King playing a variant on the Gibson ES-355 he had affectionately dubbed “Lucille.” Though there were many “Lucilles” over the years, there was only one king.King first went into the recording studio in 1949 and began a career that saw his sparse, emotive single note lead style become one of the most influential sounds of the R & B scene for the next two decades. King’s music spoke of pain and joy that was palpable to any listener, and his tone would be the source of attempted duplication by a legion of admirers. King struggled with his health throughout his later life, playing a majority of his performances from a seated position. What he lacked in physical mobility he more than made up for in his ability to set the spirits free.Here’s B.B. King playing what is easily his most recognizable tune, “The Thrill Is Gone.”Ornette Coleman (March 9, 1930 – June 11, 2015)Multi-instrumentalist and pioneer of the “Free Jazz” movement, Ornette Coleman passed away earlier this year leaving a legacy of exploration and education in his wake. Though his tone had a pervasive sorrow, the thoughts he expressed were just as often joyful ones. As a player he was always disdainful of following the rules and accepted norms, playing fast and loose within the structures of the songs, searching for a way to make each note his own. As the years progressed, he saw his rounded, free form style evolve into a sharper edged, but still emotive, voice that cut through compositions with a white hot edge.He never stopped pushing the limits, even as his age and health slowed him greatly in his later years. Over the course of his sixty plus years as a professional musician he won nearly every award there is to win, and all of them well deserved. Though he is now gone, the innovations he sparked in the jazz world are still being explored to this day, and as such, Coleman will live on.Let’s hear Coleman reinvent the wheel with his seminal classic “Free Jazz” album.Chris Squire (4 March 1948 – 27 June 2015)Bassist Chris Squire saw his band Yes define the English progressive rock movement in the seventies, owing in large part to the massive foundation his intricate lines created. While Yes featured many angelic overatures, it was Squire who grounded the band, and his low end work gave the higher ended players around him the freedom to stretch without fear of losing soul. Squire got his start playing in churches, which served as a solid basis for his later bombastic works.Earlier this year he announced a hiatus from the band, and shortly afterwards passed away, leaving an entire genre of music all the poorer for his loss. Let’s listen to one of his greatest performances, the Yes classic “Starship Trooper.”Allen Toussaint (January 14, 1938 – November 10, 2015)Musician, songwriter, arranger and record producer Allen Toussaint was more than just a creator of music, he was a living touchstone to the music of New Orleans. Toussaint’s career spanned numerous decades, and his adaptability showed in his scoring hits as a solo artist, as a arranger of other people’s music and as a producer. A figure of renown and devotion not just in his home of New Orleans, Toussaint found himself a welcome figure on stages around the world. Though perhaps not as known by name by the world at large, his finger prints were on many of the songs that topped the charts.His style on the keyboard was rolling and rollicking, and was as infectuous in spirit as it was unmistakable. In a city with such a strong and unique signature sound, he was a true champion of the New Orleans sound. He brought the sounds of the second line to the forefront, and showed the world what fun could be found down on the Bayou. In a city that treats death as a reason to celebrate the lives of those departed, his tributes turned into a street party the like of which are rarely seen.The Audience at the Le Bataclan (November 13, 2015)Those in attendance at the Eagles of Death Metal show at legendary Parisian music venue Bataclan weren’t thinking about global ideological terrorism on the night of November 13th, 2015. Like the people dining in cafes and attending sporting matches around the City Of Lights, their minds were on living not the imminent possibility of their deaths. Sadly, a coordinated assault on unarmed targets around the French capitol by radical terrorists created a night of chaos and horror. The 120 lives lost around Paris that night made this the deadliest attack on French soil since the second World War.The EODM have since returned to the stages of Paris, invited back by one of the biggest bands in the world, U2, to defy the fear the gunmen attempted to create that horrible night. The Eagles Of Death Metal have been public with their desire to finish their show at the Bataclan, and are a true example of rising to the occasion. Hopefully one day soon, we will find a way to settle our differences with words and not wounds.Though an American band, the Eagles Of Death Metal are now truly a part of the history of a nation’s resistance to terror.Cynthia Robinson (January 12, 1944 – November 23, 2015)Cynthia Robinson’s trumpet playing earned her a spot on some of the funkiest songs to come out of the seventies as a founding member of Sly & The Family Stone. Part of that band’s renowned horn section, Robinson was also the only member of the original band to try and maintain a relationship with Sly Stone after the band fell apart. Her forgiving heart was matched by her musical prowess, as she became the first female trumpeteer inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.Listen to Cynthia the rest of Sly & The Family Stone as they “Thank you For Lettin’ Me Be Myself.”Scott Weiland (October 27, 1967 – December 3, 2015)Bursting onto the west coast “Grunge” scene of the early 1990’s, singer Scott Weiland and his band Stone Temple Pilots quickly found a hungry audience for their music. Though onstage his voice would remain strong and clear, his off stage life was anything but. His addictions and the behavior that resulted from them saw him leave the band he founded twice, and other short lived tenures fronting a variety of bands.Weiland’s death was as much a result of the toll the years of hard partying had taken on his body as well as sense of sorrow at the cycle he found himself trapped in. In the case of such a loss, one can only hope Weiland finally found the peace that escaped him in his walking life.Here’s the song that pushed Stone Temple Pilots into the National scene, “Interstate Love Song.”The beauty of anything is defined by its brevity. To appreciate a moment, an act or a life, one must see what the world was like before and after its existence. Though we grieve the loss of any life, it is through this loss that we finally grasp the import of our time here on Earth. We’d like to thank those we lost in 2015 for their gifts to us all, and honor their lives by keeping their memories alive for generations to come.We’ll end with a list of names of lives lost in 2015, but feel free to add your own to the list. May we never forget those who have inspired us with their musical souls.Gary Richrath, A.J.Pero, Little Kimmy Dickens, Al Aarons, Ramona Jones, David VanLanding, Sister Scully, Willie Akins, Phil Taylor, Bruce Nazarian, Larry Rosen, Robbin Thompson, Smokin’ Joe Kubek, Frank Watkins, Cory Wells, Lee Shaw, Troy Goode, David Rodriguez, Herbie Goins, Dennis Greene, Bryn Merrick, samfree, Sean Price, David Shelley, Harold Ousley, Julio Angel, Bunny Mack, Howard Rumsey, Van Alexander, Mitch Aliotta, Eddie Hardin, Jean Ritchie, Buddy Boudreaux, Harold Battiste, Guy Carawan, Johnny Gimble, Stan Cornyn, Ortheia Barnes, Marcus Belgrave, Tut Taylor, Marty Napoleon, Lew Soloff, Bruce Crump, Oleg Bryjak, Maria Radner, Johnny Helms, Joseph Alfidi, The Jacka, Zane Musa, René Lavand, Keith Copeland.last_img read more

2 EMTs are injured in West Brighton, New York

first_imgTwo emergency medical technicians, one male, one female, suffered minor injuries in the crash, according to authorities. The ambulance was not carrying a patient. “I braked. There was nowhere I could go. It was an ambulance. It was about the size of the intersection,” Sawler said. He said his arm felt sore following the crash. A tow truck slammed into an FDNY ambulance driving the wrong way down a West Brighton street yesterday afternoon, flipping the vehicle over. Witnesses said the ambulance was going the wrong way on Delafield Avenue when it crossed the intersection of Broadway at about 5 p.m. – into the path of a tow truck driven by South Beach resident Joe Sawler, 22. “He flipped. I thought it was like something in a movie,” Cruz said. Accounts differ on whether the ambulance had its sirens blaring and lights flashing. Sawler said the lights and sirens were off, but fire officials said otherwise. center_img “You can see the skidmarks here,” said Jimmy Crupi, owner of Fix-a-Dent, whose West Brighton-based company owns the tow truck. “He tried to stop.” “They were responding … with lights and sirens,” contended Battalion 22 Chief Joseph Harris. One witness, West Brighton resident Rob Cruz, said the sirens caught his attention in time for him to see the crash, which occurred just down the block from where he was standing. At one point, Cruz said, the two EMTs were trapped in the overturned ambulance. “The girl was crying. The guy was talking on his radio.” Both were taken to Richmond University Medical Center, West Brighton.last_img read more