6G iPod Nano hack allows removal of apps

first_imgBack in September, Apple announced the iPod Nano. Of course, the introduction of the latest Nano brought with it the challenge of another iPod to hack. James Whelton won a pink 8GB iPod Nano at some awards he was recently at and decided to put it to good use by figuring out how to break into it. Amazingly, it didn’t take Whelton months or days to do it. He just needed the flight home.To be clear, the iPod Nano wasn’t “jailbroken” since Whelton did not gain root access to the device. He simply figured out a way to bypass the Nano’s cache and more importantly the Nano’s cache comparison which compares any modded SB file and reverts it if it doesn’t like it. He did this using the springboard hack which allows the Nano to boot up with modified files (SpringBoard Plist). This is a first step to figuring out how the device could ultimately be “jailbroken.”AdChoices广告Luckily, Whelton is all too happy to share the fruits of his labor in a tutorial which shows hackers how to remove apps from the 6G iPod Nano Springboard (Windows formatted) and insert blank spaces.  The good news is that even after the hack you will still be able to sync with iTunes. The only thing you might not want to do is attempt to press down and move an icon because the iPod Nano will do a quick reset since it can’t figure out why there is a blank space.Read more at NanoHack.melast_img

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