Ready for a Robot Roll Call Mystery Science Theater 3000 Returns

first_imgStay on target Get ready to return to Deep 13. The long-awaited reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) is set to return to Netflix in the not-so-distant future.In a tweet posted Tuesday night, Netflix, which will carry the show, announced it’ll be returning with all new terrible movies and riffing on April 14, just missing the appropriate April Fools’ Day release.MST3K ran for 10 seasons in the late 1980s into the 1990s. It was created by and starred Joel Hodgson (and then later Mike Nelson), who was trapped in space because of plot and watched terrible movies with his robot friends Tom Servo and Crow. Each episode had the trio watch a bad, a lot of the times public domain, movie, such as Manos: The Hands of Fate, Pod People, or any other examples of 1950s B-movie schlock. They would then make fun of it throughout the run time, their silhouettes appearing in the bottom of the screen.Since the show’s cancellation, it has only become more popular, thanks to the internet and to Rifftrax, which features Nelson, Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo), and Bill Corbett (Crow), providing audio commentary on more contemporary terrible films like Twilight.Hodgson initiated an extremely successful Kickstarter in 2015 that raised nearly $6 million for new episodes. Hodgson also announced that it would feature an all new cast, including Jonah Ray as the new test subject, and Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt as the mad scientist and henchman, respectively.Netflix will air the rebooted series, which will feature 14 episodes, including a holiday special. Hodgson has said that the audience won’t know which movies will be covered until it airs.If you can’t wait until then to check out what Hodgson and the team have in store, you can view some of the episodes on Netflix. It’s difficult to view in its entirety, although I don’t think you’d want to watch 197 terrible movies in about a month and a half. There are also a few DVD options and additional episodes on Amazon Prime. GEEK PICK OF THE DAY: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Round Logo MatMST3K Live Delivers Two of the New Series’ Greatest Episodes Yet last_img

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