These are the best four weapons in Just Cause 3

first_imgEveryone knows Just Cause 3 is all about grappling, parachuting, and wingsuiting, but you have to blow a lot of stuff up as well. The game’s near-constant combat can be tedious or incredibly entertaining depending largely on what weapons you’re carrying, and these are the best you can get.JC3‘s hero, Rico Rodriguez, carries three armaments with him at all times: a two-handed weapon, a dual-wield, and his special. Most of the time you use your two-handed option, which usually ends up being some kind of assault rifle. For handling enemy troops, you’ll usually use the dual-wield, which will typically be a pair of pistols or SMGs. The specials are fun stuff: RPGs and grenade launchers, as well as sniper rifles and super special “FOW” weapons. (For what it’s worth, the game is quite unclear on what FOW actually stands for.)Just Cause 3 throws an unlimited amount of randomly spawning enemies at you, so it’s important that you can dispatch them in a manner that is quick and enjoyable. This means carrying three great weapons at all times along with enough ammo that you don’t have to hoard it like you were playing some survival-horror game. With that in mind, below you’ll find what are arguably the best weapons in the game:Out of the game’s 26 or so options, these are arguably the best four available. They’re both fun and effective, which means I felt no pressure to include something like the Urga Vdova 89. This light machine gun is extremely utilitarian and something I’ll probably end up carrying for 90% of my time playing JC3, put it’s just not very special. (Sorry Soviet Union, makers of the PKM, on which this gun was clearly based.)4: Dionysus PLDS H laser designator3: UVK 13  RPG2: U-24 Zabijak sawed-off dual-wield shotguns1 Fire Leech homing rocket octetEach of these weapons has something special about it, for example the range and power of the Dionysus, who was, fittingly, the Greek god of both wine and ritual madness. The UVK 13 is a standard RPG, but it’s effective against all targets and ammo is quite plentiful so it can be used with abandon. The sawed-off shotguns are hard to find; they are hugely effective against troops and put Rico at his most badass. Finally, the Fire Leech shoots off eight homing rockets at once, creating a firestorm that basically destroys anything at the receiving end.Long story short, use these weapons and Just Cause 3 can be a lot of fun. Get stuck with a pair of pistols, a semi-automatic, and a grenade launcher that is, befittingly, called the Negotiator, and any combat in the game will be overly difficult and well beyond boring.last_img

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