France Wants To End Sales Of Gas and Diesel Cars By 2040

first_imgJust last week, Volvo announced that they’re going to feature hybrid and electric motors across their full line-up by 2019. The government of France wants to steer other automakers in the same direction.It appears as though ecology minister Nicolas Hulot wants to take things a step further. According to a report from Le Figaro, Hulot wants to ban the sale of diesel and gas-powered cars in France by 2040.Manufacturers around the globe have already begun shifting production to electrified powertrains, but Hulot’s deadline could be tough for manufacturers to meet. He’s got a plan to help them out, though: he wants the French government to offer generous rebates to encourage consumers to buy hybrids and EVs.Alternative fuel vehicles are already selling well in France. Numbers were up nearly 25% in the first quarter of 2017, and sales momentum seems to be picking up. The introduction of government incentives could lead to bumps similar to those seen during the same time frame in Spain (87%) and Germany (67%).Hulot’s plan isn’t just focusing on new vehicles that roll off the production lines. The effort to green up France’s roads is actually a two-pronged approach… because all the older cars that are on the road are an even bigger environmental problem.France could also implement something along the lines of the Car Allowance Rebate System (also better known as “cash for clunkers”). Hulot says that owners of diesel-powered vehicles made prior to 1997 and gas models made before 2001 could be offered a tax break to upgrade to something more modern and cleaner-running.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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