Agent Staffing and Selling Skills

first_imgGary O’Riordan captures how so many travel agents running businesses felt “They want to recruit staff that can navigate conversations and the can handle difficult situations and speak with confidence… They don’t believe they are learning the skills enough through the various training institutions.”A difficult situation is unique; a custom solution that is service driven. If you have resolved before its less difficult.Here we enter the world of customization, a theme comprehensively covered by Meg, Gary and Benj. Understanding the realm of customization and servicing the niche will give travel agents a competitive advantage in the future that no website can never take away from them.Meg Salter explains.“Niche is becoming much more cost effective than the custom approach, as it makes it much easier to target and market to a specific audience.  Without developing a niche (of a niche), the costs associated with being heard in such a noisy market, let alone standing out, will become more and more expensive over time.Servicing a niche is understanding means it’s a custom product, that is of high value and impossible to buy off the shelf. That leads to the differentiation between between a customer and a client.“By shifting the focus from ‘selling to customers ’ to ‘helping clients buy’ we are much more likely to not only get the sale, but be able to offer more suggestions to add-on and switch sell.  Currently, there is a lot of suspicion and distrust around the sales process.  Clients are becoming more and more wary of being ‘ripped off’.  If travel agents change their intention, the whole energy of the consultation shifts, which will most likely result in a win-win situation with the consultant easily closing a chunky file, and the client getting exactly what they want.”Benj Weinmann uses the Amadeus customer life cycle to explain this.  It seems that most travel agents are missing most of their opportunities to deliver a great service which is highly valued and economically viable to deliver.“Typically what do we say when we get home from a holiday? I need a holiday from the holiday…. 25% of travellers consider this the best time to book their next holiday.”The question is, are agents there to take the booking? learn more about here Agent Staffing and Selling SkillsStaffing remains one of the great challenges in any profitable travel businessSkills, staffing and sales cycles were common thread in both the presentations and discussed at great length in the feedback throughout travel vision 2020. But what shocked many is that it’s time to stop selling and stop treating your business contacts as customers.Confusing?The video will explain all. Source = roomsXML.comlast_img

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