Rep Marino introduces transparency bills for bidding and state contracts

first_img16Jun Rep. Marino introduces transparency bills for bidding and state contracts State Rep. Steve Marino (R-Harrison Township) has introduced another package of bills aimed at increasing government accountability. The legislation would require the State of Michigan to be more transparent during the bidding and contracting process.“Michigan is often cited as dead last when ranking state integrity and transparency,” said Marino. “Our existing laws for state contracts and purchasing lack public accountability and grant too much discretion to an unaccountable bureaucracy.”The bills require the state to have strict rules on banning companies guilty of major crimes such as bribery, corruption, and embezzlement. Additionally, all contract awards must be publicly announced within 48 hours, and unsuccessful bidders may appeal the award of a contract under extenuating circumstances.“While the state mostly adheres to these policies in current practice, these common-sense reforms should be required by law,” said Marino. “Our hardworking residents have the right to know how their tax-dollars are being spent. At a time with such distrust in government, our ‘Comeback State’ must make real reforms and prove to residents that the government is working for them” said Marino.House Bills 4769-4771 were referred to the House Oversight Committee for further consideration.### Categories: Marino Newslast_img

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